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Building trust as a brand

Remon de VriesRemon de Vries

Building trust as a brand

Building trust with a marketing strateogy?

Marketing your product or brand is continually changing — and businesses and organizations must keep up with the ever-evolving trends in order to connect with their costumers. Aligning companies or brands with their unique value is a constant balancing act when it comes to targeting the ideal customer. With a marketing strategy that focusses on values this can become easier.

Most companies how are successful in the world of socialmedia and a 24/7 news cycle have at the center of their branding and marketing strategies a set of particular beliefs, challenges, or outcomes that they are uniquely positioned to help their customer overcome. An strategy that goes far beyond what a company sells. Modern marketing strategies are meant to be powered by authenticity and generating the highest possible benefit for the buyer.

Businesses that understand the needs of their customers and can connect the benefits and economic value giving the buyer help to solve their problem are in todays noisy world the most successful. Buyers are not interested in of being "sold" via ads, gimmicks, and intrusive promotions. This is "ad blindness" and large groups of people experience this. Spending all your marketing captial on adds is pointless if nobody pays attention to them.

What are values in a marketing strategy?

Marketing is entering a whole new era — one where added value is the main biggest goal and customers are always first. Businesses must focus on create meaningful campaigns and useful ads in which a selling a product shifts the focus from talking about itself, instead, focusing on their clients' wants and needs. With this new approach the focus is in putting the consumer's needs first and pairing your solution’s unique ability to solve their pain and the value - whether qualitative or quantitative - that they will achieve by partnering with you.

Focus on the end-user

Costumers first — also known as customer-centric strategies is centered on the idea that exceeding the client's expectations and fuel consumer loyalty to achieve customer success. Value marketing campaigns aim to turn customers into raving fans that help promote products and services with their positive reviews creating loyality.

Costumer-centric tactics help businesses and organizations gain their customers' trust and loyality. Under the condition that you understand their unique situation, challenges or strategies, and have the resources or ability to help them, people will as a result be more likely to engage with your brand or product. Staying truthful to the promises your company makes, your customers will believe you actually practice what you preach and become eager to support you. Putting your actions where your words are will automatically make them respect your brand more. They'll become excited to recommend your products or services to others. In todays world of socialmedia this is very powerful.

Today, many companies use values to interact with their audiences on a deeper level. But, imagine the impact on the sales process if marketing was leveraging the same concepts that makes values not just words but also actions? What if your marketing strategy could harness the same benefits and impact metrics in their top-of-funnel activities? Imagine the improvement that would have on lead quality, MQL and SQL conversion, pipeline, and ultimately revenue?

Costumer-centric marketing something for your company?

Audiences are getting better at spotting empty claims and manipulation tactics in advertising. As marketing campaigns get more invasive, buyers have become quicker at calling out companies that are too salesy or rarely deliver on their promises.

Yet, B2B companies often struggle with capturing, quantifying, and communicating the impact they’ve delivered to their customers. Either the baseline was never established when a new customer joined, or they lack the processes to quantify the value they’ve helped their customers achieve. This results in ‘fluff’ content without relevant subjects to point out results. Ending up with high bounce rates, lack of engagement, and low attach or conversion rates.

If you want your business to survive in this highly competitive world, you must strive to keep your audience engaged. You want them eager to buy your products or services and to share that excitement with others. The right marketing strategy will help your customers relate to you in a way they never have before, by seeing you and your solution as the answer to their problems or a critical component of achieving their goals.

Things to get the ball rolling

  1. Teach Your Customers Something New
  2. Include Customers in your Corporate Story
  3. Offer Top-Notch Customer Service
  4. Attract More & Qualified Customers
  5. Focus on Selling Outcomes
  6. Understand What Your Client is Paying For
  7. Appeal to Your Customer's Emotions
  8. Improve Your Storytelling Skills
  9. Implement Interactive Digital Experiences
  10. Be Clear About the ROI of Your Proposition
  11. Do Not Bargain

Value in a Competitive Marketplace

Value is subjective, customers and companies who offer products and services may have a different understanding of this concept based on their own background and their needs. However, the idea of value that drives your clients to make a purchase is the one that will help your business/brand grow if you use it in your favor.

In marketing, perceived value refers to the consumer's evaluation of the merits of a specific product. It entails its ability to meet their expectations. An added-value marketing strategy's goal is to influence the perceived value of a product or service by emphasizing what attributes make it better than all the other options available in the market.

Regardless of the alternatives the customer has, they will always compare and contrast the differences of products and pick the ones they relate to. The goal of a customer value marketing strategy is to highlight the benefits of one company’s offerings against the shortcomings of others.

Interested? Feel free to reach out!

Adding value is the way to go in a ever changing world of socialmedia and technoligy. They will produce better and more genuine marketing campaigns that your audiences can relate to. They offer companies the opportunity to educate their clients and support them in the decision-making process.

Customer-centric marketing appeals to customers and helps maintain relationships in the long term. When you show customers the value you’re providing, it helps keep them engaged and excited about your offerings. If you want to provide value to your costumers and been struggling with this, or you already am seeing the success this strategy is having on your brand but want to expend, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you and see if we can help with this.

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