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The power of story telling

Remon de VriesRemon de Vries

The power of story telling

Content creators and marketing agencies over the last 10 years steadily been increasing storytelling as a central part of their strategy. The human brain is wired to respond to well-crafted narrative -- neuroscience proves that storytelling is the best way to capture people’s attention, bake information into their memories, and forge close, personal bonds. Your audience is programmed to crave and seek out great stories -- that’ll never change.

However, since we’ve spent the majority of the time optimizing content for algorithms, it can be challenging to flex a creative muscle that’s slowly withered away from inactivity and, in turn, move people emotionally and sear your brand into their memories.

So, in order to help strengthen that creative muscle and write compelling stories again, we’ve created a guide about the fundamentals of brand story structure and provided examples of three small-to-medium sized businesses who have leveraged their brand story to resonate with huge audiences, despite their comparatively small size.

When Lemo-Design first started, we noticed quickly that traditional, interruptive adds or marketing campaigns started to lose their impact. Costumers of our clients where less active and engaging. People now a days are in complete control of the information they consumed -- and they are tired of receiving direct mail, email blasts, and cold calls. People want to be helped, so went started helping our clients more with creating educational content and pushing out standardized adds and marketing material, the result was even better then we expected. Costumers of our clients started not only responding to content that was created, they where activictly contributing to it. Resulting into loyal costumers creating value for the brand without the client having to spend resources towards this.

Today, we’ve built around 15 passionate community for our clients, expanded their reach and encreasing their sales.

We tried to narrow our approach down to 2 simple tasks. This will get you started with creafting your own story in order increase costumers engagement.

1. Highlight your story’s conflict

In order to make a story interesting its important to create contrast. Try to explain the other side of things. This gives your story depth and allows the reader to feel like your not just talking about your own views/solutions. Part of building trust in costumer relationships is to explain to users that you understand the world that they live in.

2. Don’t forget about the status quo

Besides contrast its important that you make it clear to the costumer that you understand their perspective and how you can improve their lives. A effective way to do this is to talk about the status quo. For example, one of our clients where selling coat hangers and as part of their story they wanted to explain not only what made their product different but also how it would solved some common issues that the competion did not think about. Its a very effective way to show costumers that you understand the sector you opperate in and that you add value because of this understanding.

Looking for help?

If you want a more compleet solution and wonder what we can do for you and your business feel free to reach out, we are always willing to listen and see if we can add some value to your marketing strategy.

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