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Workflow for modern agencies

Remon de Vries

Workflow for modern agencies

As a digital agency, we aim to standardize as much of our work as possible without compromising quality. This approach helps to avoid chaos and confusion during the course of a project.

Any brand or agency that delivers projects knows that the key to success is meeting deadlines. However, we all know that encountering speed bumps once a project kicks off is unavoidable. Therefore, your creative workflow must be flexible.

To keep a project on track and ensure that your team can handle any speed bumps, it is necessary to lay the groundwork before and after the project starts. The ideation, development, and delivery of the project should be a collaborative process, and the appropriate workflow can make this a reality.

A streamlined workflow enables team members to be both creative and efficient. In this overview, we’ll cover the different components that we at Lemo-Design use to have an efficient workflow process.

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Linear is one of the core tools in our current stack. It contains all tasks and projects that we do for clients or internally. We chose Linear for its speed; it is extremely fast. You can navigate your projects and tasks using the keyboard, which speeds things up significantly.

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Although we would like to replace Notion at some point, it is currently a powerful tool, even if it can be slow. We file every document we create in our custom system built in Notion, where every client and project is organized. We link documents to projects and projects to clients. If we need to share content with a client or vendor that cannot be conveyed in a few words over email, we use a Notion document. This way, we can keep track of everything.

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We searched for a long time to find an email client that would meet our needs. We wanted a way to not only organize incoming emails but also track social media channels and chat services we provide for our clients. Front is an excellent solution for this. It is a combination of an email client, helpdesk, and social media tracker.

We love the tool and connect tasks from Linear to the emails we receive. This way, we can keep track of the status of requests or other inquiries.

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Google Drive

In today's digital age, cloud storage has become an indispensable part of our lives. Google Drive is our go-to platform for secure and convenient storage. Its reliability and user-friendly interface make it the ideal solution for storing all our data that isn't already saved within a specific tool or application. While the need for external storage is diminishing, we still receive various documents and graphics from clients, requiring us to find efficient ways to organize and store them.

To manage these files effectively, we utilize Notion as our central hub, while leveraging the robust hosting capabilities of Google Drive.

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Managing documents is undoubtedly crucial, but equally important is effectively managing time. That's why we have remained loyal users of Toggl for years. The intuitive interface and user-friendly design make time tracking a breeze. We find it incredibly convenient to keep track of our projects and tasks. By utilizing the unique shortcodes within Linear, we seamlessly link our time entries to specific tasks, eliminating the need to spend valuable time manually documenting our activities. Since Linear already stores this information, we avoid redundant data entry in our time tracking software.

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We have adopted a comprehensive approach to storing both our internal and external work by utilizing repositories on GitHub. Previously, we managed our own git server, but the maintenance required a significant amount of time and effort. Consequently, we made the decision to transition to GitHub, and we have been extremely satisfied with this choice. The platform offers impressive speed and reliability, allowing us to streamline our workflows effectively.

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Want to Learn More?

If you're seeking a more comprehensive overview, don't hesitate to get in touch. Due to security concerns, we refrain from sharing specific details publicly. However, if your company is facing challenges in establishing an efficient and systemized approach to service delivery, we are here to assist. We would be delighted to share our own experiences and explore whether they can be a suitable fit for your needs.

We have dedicated considerable time to experimenting with various tools and services, recognizing that our recommended stack may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Rest assured, there are numerous options available that may align more closely with your specific requirements.

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