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Workflow for modern agencies

Remon de VriesRemon de Vries

Workflow for modern agencies

As a digital agencies we want standardize as much of our work as possible without effecting the quality. This will avoid chaos and confusion during the course of a project.

Any brand or agency that's delivering projects knows that the key to being successful is hitting deadlines. However, we all know that hitting speed bumps once a project kicks off is unavoidable, so your creative workflow must be flexible.

Keeping a project on track and making sure your team can handle those speed bumps requires putting in the groundwork before and after a project kicks off. The ideation, development, and delivery of a project should be a collaborative process, and the right workflow can make this a reality.

A streamlined workflow also enables team members to be both creative and efficient. In this overview, we’ll cover the different components we at Lemo-Design use to have a efficient workflow process.

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We use Linear as one of the core tools in our current stack. It contains all tasks and projects that are done either for clients or internally. The reason we decided to go with Linear was for their speed. This program is extreemly fast. You be able to navigate your projects and tasks by keyboard which speed things up a lot.

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We would love to replace Notion at some point. But for right now this is a very powerful tool even when its being slow. Any document that we create we file away in our custom system that was build in Notion. Every client and project is in notion. We link documents to projects and projects to clients. If we ever need to share content with a client or vendor that is not a view words that we can do over email, we will use a Notion document. This way we can keep track.

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We looked for a long time to find a email client that would fit our needs. We where looking for a way to not only organize emails that where incoming. But wanted to also track SocialMedia channels and chat services we provide for our clients. Front is a great solution for this. Its a combination between a e-mail client, helpdesk, and socialmedia tracker.

We love the tool and we connect tasks from Linear to emails we get. This way we can keep track of the status on requests or other inquiries.

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Google Drive

Who can live without cloud storange these days, we use Google Drive for this. Its relaible easy to use and we keep all our data that does not get stored in a tool or application. These days this is less and less, but we still receive documents or graphics from clients and need a find a way to orgnaize and store them.

We manage these files in Notion but host/store them in Google Drive.

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Keeping track of documents is one thing, but keeping track of time is important also. Thats why we been loyal Toggl users for years. We love the interface and ease of use. Keeping track of projects is easy. We use the different shortcodes inside Linear to link different time entries to tasks. This way we dont have to spend a lot of time writing down what we did. This is already kept in Linear so we dont write this out again in our time tracking software.

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We store all our work internal and external in repositories on Github. For a long time we been using our own gitserver but the time it was taking to maintane the server was a lot. Thats why we moved to Github and are very happy with this decision. The speed and relaibility is great.

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Interested in more?

Want a more indepth overview, feel free to reach out. Because of security reasons we do not share the details publicly but if your company is struggling to nail down a efficient and systemized way of providing services feel free to let us know. We would love to help share our own experiences and see if they can be a good choice for you.

We spended a lot of time trying new tools and services, so even if this stack is not for you that does not mean there are options out there that does fit your requirements.

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